NVIDIA Tesla K80 - 24GB GDDR5 Memory

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NVIDIA Tesla K80

4992 NVIDIA CUDA cores with a dual-GPU design
Up to 2.91 teraflops double-precision performance with NVIDIA GPU Boost
Up to 8.73 teraflops single-precision performance with NVIDIA GPU Boost
24 GB of GDDR5 memory
480 GB/s aggregate memory bandwidth
ECC protection for increased reliability
Server-optimised to deliver the best throughput in the data center

The NVIDIA® Tesla® K80 Accelerator dramatically lowers data center costs by delivering exceptional performance with fewer, more powerful servers. It's engineered to boost throughput in real-world applications by 5-10x, while also saving customers up to 50% for an accelerated data center compared to a CPU-only system. This increased throughput means more scientific discoveries delivered to researchers every day, or better user engagement for web services.

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